I use the surrounding world as a scenery for a theater show performing inside ones head.


MA student of the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian university Opava. Freelance photographer, curator and graphic designer, editor-in-chief of www.young-fresh.eu.

The Year of a Dog

The Epitaph for an useless man
[Flying Lotus – Hunger 2:21]

Day Zero

Portrait works 2008 – 2013

Fake harmony

For real
[Welder – Run]

Private sessions

The Paradigm // Prism
[Amon Tobin – Lost & Found]

The Paradigm // Utopia
[Amon Tobin – El Wraith]

The Paradigm // Illusion
[Barbarja Idiot -DJ set Zilina Stanica]

The Hour between a Dog and a Wolf
[Amon Tobin – Searchers]